Saturday, February 14, 2009

Special Valentines Day Post! 1/2

This is the first of my special two post Valentines Day special. I don't particularly enjoy the holiday, and both of these posts will reflect that.

So to start things off on the right foot...

Watchmaker - Kill.Fucking.Everyone.

Kill.Fucking.Everyone., you know you love that title. So while you're all alone on Valentines, don't feel depressed. Instead, listen to this and gain the urge to kill everyone. That fucker that pushed you three years ago? Ya, go slit his throat. This album will make you do that.

Musically this is of course quite possibly the angriest most hate filled grindcore I have ever heard. Everyone is sure to love it! This album just fucking pummels and beats you to death as it fills you with rage and contempt for this rotten world and every single thing on it. Perfect for Valentines.

1. The burden of choice
2. Catalepsy of fear
3. Conference call immolation
4. Maddening assault
5. Civic bloodlust
6. Great misleader
7. Demonically entrenched
8. Sheated in blood
9. The wrong end of living
10. Multitask suicide
11. Nihilism and despair
12. The widening stain
13. Jesus is coming
14. Irrational hate soaked fury
15. Wallet sized dental records
16. MIldewed deathtrap
17. Repent and perish
18. Trail by barrage
19. Steaming pile of outcome measure


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