Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prurient - And Still, Wanting

I really wanted to think of a witty or poetic comment about this post... but I failed.

Prurient - And Still, Wanting

Look at that cover, so peaceful with the clouds... or is it water? I can't tell. Even the title, "And Still, Wanting" gives this ambient vibe about it. You really get the impression this is going to be a peaceful, relaxing album, something to listen to as you lay down on the grass in an open field. Well... you could listen to it in that setting I suppose...

All of the above however is horribly horribly wrong. What we have here is quite possibly one of the greatest noise albums in existence, "And Still, Wanting" by Prurient. This release is harsh as fuck. However this album wouldn't be what it is if it was only a harsh noise record, it really is so much more. There is a great deal of dynamics and change going on here. This is not a stereotypical "everything sounds the same lolnoise derp derp SHSHSHSHSHSHS". You can see there was a great deal of effort put into each composition. Enough of me saying how good this is though.

Being a harsh noise release it is of course not for everyone, blah blah blah, quit being a pussy and just fucking download it.


1 Memory Repeating
2 Returning Truth
3 Subject
4 Lust End
5 Total Terrorism
6 Strict Ideas
7 Incense And Rubber


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