Monday, February 23, 2009

Asmorod - hysope

Join the Dark-Heart Procession

Asmorod - hysope

This is probably my favorite dark ambient release. I first heard it a few years back and fell in love with it, eventually losing it back during my harddrive crash. I found it though and decided to upload it here since it took me a while of searching.

This is dark ambient so expect just what it sounds like, dark ambience. This however is no Lustmord. It is dark certainly but it also has an ethereal celestial vibe to it, almost in a Dead Can Dance way. Not much more to say, so I'll just say it's recomended for ambient lovers and anyone who doesn't need a guitar or a distorted 808 to enjoy music.


The Third Secret (7:52)
Nobody Knows (5:10)
Forbidden Daughter Of God (7:04)
Unborn (10:12)
Dark-Heart Procession (6:47)
Angel Of Silent Heaven (6:00)
Abode Of The Dead (6:27)
Night Of The Skies (6:24)
Enlightening Fire (6:30)
False Hypothesis (8:20)

Highly recommended.

Removed at request of artist.



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  2. if you were such a fan of this artist & album how come you only had the album on your hard drive?
    Did you lose the CD too.
    Bad luck to lose both.

    But maybe you never bought he CD at all ?

    Do you know anything about this artist who's work you say you like so much?
    I do and I know he is totally against people filesharing peoples work without their permission.
    Perhaps you should contact him yourself and ask his opinion about what you are doing. For such a music hunter as you it would not be hard to find his myspace profile or other contact details.

    You people who fileshare have no respect for the artists who create the music you profess to love.

  3. asmorod = a frustrated artist who can't live with the evolution digital music is going through nowadays. on top of that he and his wife are even more frustrated their snoowblood label never had the excpected "succes" (read: $$$). be happy people are willing to D/L your music cause that's the best it gets...

  4. "You people who fileshare have no respect for the artists who create the music you profess to love."

    That's why I >>>BUY<<< Vinyl and merch, something I can show. CD's are obsolete. I >>>BUY<<< plenty of music/movies via Itunes, and some musicians are too lazy to go through the process of getting their music out there.

    This blab is defending people, such as myself. Not everyone downloading music is a 'thief', the musicians see money through merch also, so jump off your throne and stand where you belong, with the rest of us...

  5. "their snoowblood label never had the excpected succes"

    Not true, the IREZUMI CD is sold-out, but it was not done for money, because you can't make money with an unknown artist on an unknown label. You are pretty stupid and ignorant if you do not know that.

    I have met Asmorod at several occasions and he doesn't give a shit about music evolution, in case you haven't seem, he release a CD every 5 years.

    Atually it seems that YOU are the frustrated person that write shits about people you do not even know.

    Goodbye Lost


  6. "the musicians see money through merch"

    People in the dark ambient underground have NO merch to sell (they are not black metal rock star with tshirt "666 I love Satan") do you know?

    So they simply don't get money at all.
    Don't speak about things you know nothing about.