Friday, February 13, 2009

Amesoeurs - Ruines Humaines

If you don't like this, you simply have no taste. Not even joking.

This is the phenomenal 3 track EP released by Amesoeurs a few years back. Since then we have been granted with... one additional split, containing merely one additional song. Supposedly the album has just finished though and I will most certainly jizz in my pants when it leaks, and then proceed to post it here.

Anyway what we have here is black metal, but, this is extremely shoegaze and post-rock influenced. To the point it has seemingly lost its "black metalness" and indeed the third track isn't metal in the least bit, rather a nice mellow shoegazey track.


Bonheur Amputé (4:32)
Ruines Humaines (6:25)
Faiblesse Des Sens (5:02)

You will enjoy this or I will find you and smack you.


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