Saturday, February 25, 2012

Matt Elliott - Howling Songs

I Name This Ship the Tragedy, Bless Her and All Who Sail With Her

Matt Elliott - Howling Songs

I have been gone a few months, sorry folks. I got a bunch of new stuff I plan on posting before my eventual sudden hiatus so here we go!

I have known about Matt Elliott for a few years now but always kind of just ignored him as overall I am not really a folk fan, but my curiosity finally got the better of me last night. Oh how stupid I was before...

Musically this is kind of like if you took say the song Avalanche by Leonard Cohen, and his other dark toned songs, and added in a nice gypsy injection into the mix. In particular this shows through many of the melodies, but it is most apparent in these kind of psychedelic crescendos of gypsy music which each track seemingly builds into. I suppose if you are not a fan of say "crescendocore" post-rock then you may get sick of hearing them but I personally love crescendo type stuff, and this is to my ears certainly something different, especially in the context of this ultimately being a folk record.

I am told that his other albums can border on the whole "same songs, different album" kind of deal, but being the first album by him I have heard, I can neither confirm nor deny this. What Ican confirm, is that I very much enjoyed this album, and highly recommend it to anyone else.

1 The Kübler-Ross Model
2 Something About Ghosts
3 How Much in Blood?
4 A Broken Flamenco
5 Berlin & Bisenthal
6 I Name This Ship The Tragedy, Bless Her & All Who Sail With Her
7 The Howling Song
8 Song for a Failed Relationship
9 Bomb the Stock Exchange