Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First/ Death in June - DISCriminate

Well welcome to the blog. The main purpose of this blog will be posting music which I generally enjoy as well as perhaps a few bits regarding my personal life in the event something interesting ever happens. It will also be used for my own benefit of keeping track of particular uploaded albums. Also, some albums will be reposts from other blogs I frequent. In this case I will reference the blog taken from.

Beyond that, there isn't likely to be much else here, so hopefully you enjoy the music.

First up we have a best-of/compilation album that completely rethought my stance regarding folk and acoustic music.

Death in June - DISCriminate

This 2 disk compilation chronicles the start of Death in June from '81 all the way till '97. Given how extensive of a discography there is , it can be rather intimidating for new listeners unsure of where to start. This however makes for a perfect start.

Musically this is neofolk, think folk music made by post-industrialists. As such what we have here is rather dark, apocalyptic folk music, often with tinges of industrial for atmosphere. The industrial being more prominent on the earlier albums.

I had to split the album into two however that should hardly be an issue for anyone familiar with extracting multiple files. Part 1 and 2 are below.


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