Thursday, February 12, 2009

Double dose of Framtid

It's crust time kiddies!

Framtid - Under the Ashes

Framtid - 8 Track EP

What we have here are two releases from one of my current favorite crust bands out there, Framtid. These guys play seriously fucking furious noisey Japanese crust. If you already enjoy crust or hardcore, you'll love this. If you don't... maybe not so much.

Under the Ashes


A1 The Total Arse
A2 Over Population
A3 Scapes Of Tragedy
A4 Tomorrow
A5 Consuming Shit And Mind Pollution
A6 Centuries Of War
B1 Death Protest
B2 Curse
B3 No Installation
B4 Life's Hard
B5 We Must Impart
B6 Bomb Blast

8 Track EP


A1 Counter Attack
A2 Third World Fear
A3 Anguish
A4 Crucified
B1 Over Kill
B2 What's Going On
B3 Homeless
B4 Depression, Oppression


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