Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kanon Wakeshima - Shinshoku Dolce

It's a cello!

Kanon Wakeshima - Shinshoku Dolce

This is by far the most unusual thing I'd say I have posted yet so far on this blog. Though really it isn't so much unusual, as vastly different from anything else posted.

What we have here is the first album by Kanon Wakeshima, a Japanese cellist. Musically we have here pop with a strong gothic influence, oh ya, there is a cello too. Frankly I really enjoy this album and have listened to it several times already. I greatly enjoyed her previous two singles as well so this was pretty much a no brainer for me. Anyway, shits good, give it a shot. Oh ya, the album was produced by Mana of Malice Mizer and Moi dix Mois. Now go download it.


01 - sweet ticket
02 - Shinku No Fatalism
03 - Kagami
04 - Still Doll (Vampire Knight ED)
05 - Maboroshi
06 - Ennui Kibun!
07 - Suna No Oshiro (Vampire Knight Guilty ED)
08 - Monochrome Frame
09 - L'espoir -Mahou no Akai Ito-
10 - Kuroi Torikago
11 - Skip Turn Step
12 - Shiroi Kokoro
13 - sweet dreams



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