Friday, September 17, 2010

YAPOOS - ヤプーズ計画

Eroguro Innocence

YAPOOS - ヤプーズ計画 (YAPOOS Plan)

This is YAPOOS, one of Jun Togawa's earlier bands. Who is Jun Togawa? I'll let answer that.

"She began her career in the early 1980s as an unusual idol singer (or possibly a parody of an idol singer). It was soon apparent that her eccentric personality, surreal or disturbing lyrics and multiple wildly different yet highly accomplished singing voices set her apart from the usual bland, cute pop singers so popular in Japan."

I once saw her compared to Nina Hagen, and frankly I see the similarity. Nonethless, this is Yapoos, one of several bands she was in back during the 80s. Musically, expect some great new wave style synth, with some additional quirks accompanied by Jun's vocals and indeed, unusual lyrics. The first track title translates to "Barbara Sexeroid" to give an idea...


1. バーバラ・セクサロイド
2. キスを
3. 肉屋のように
4. ダディ・ザ・ヘヴン
5. ラヴ・クローン
6. コレクター
7. 労働慰安唱歌
8. ロリータ108号
9. 宇宙士官候補生
10. 素敵な時間

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