Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mono In VCF - Mono In VCF

It's dreampop.

Mono In VCF - Mono In VCF

So a few weeks ago a friend of mine is all like "Hey! You should listen to this!" and so I'm all like "Sure! You usually have good taste!" and whaddaya know, shit was fuckin good.

This is Mono In VCF, a relatively new dreampop band from... I don't know. Frankly, I don't know anything about this band, except they play some really sweet dark dreampop. Seriously though, when I first heard this I listened to it three times in a row. It's great stuff. So if you like dreampop, then get on this shit. Hell, even if ya don't like dreampop, or don't know what the fuck dreampop is, you should still get it.


1. Escape City Scrapers
2. Spider Rotation
3. Masha
4. Key to the House
5. In Los Angeles
6. There's No Blood in Bone
7. Chanteuse
8. Death of a Spark
9. The Only One
10. Cinch Ring
11. We Could've Owned the World


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  1. heard them a few months ago. didn't actually consider them to be a dreampop band