Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Susumu Hirasawa - Siren

My favorite Hirasawa album.

Susumu Hirasawa - Siren

For those not familiar with Susumu Hirasawa, I made a post about him last year or so, back when his new album Planet Roll Call came out. The basic gist of which is that he is responsible for a great many of things, and has been at the forefront of the Japanese electronic music scene.

This is one of his older albums, from back in 1996, and is pretty much a concept album about Thailand of all places. Then again, Thailand has always been a big source of inspiration in a lot of Hirasawa's works.

Here's a youtube of my favorite track though.

If ya like it, give this a whirl, it's great.


1 Electric Light Bath-1

2 Sairen/Siren

3 On Line Malaysia

4 Siren

5 Nurse Cafe

6 Holy Delay

7 Gemini

8 Day Scanner

9 Siam Lights

10 Electric Light Bath-2

11 Mermaid Song

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