Sunday, September 12, 2010

Amon Düül II - Yeti

Love that cover.

Amon Düül II - Yeti

Krautrock. It's a genre I don't know that much about. Oh sure I can name drop a bunch of them, but I have never really given any of them a serious listen. Untill now, and starting with Amon Düül II.

This is Yeti, their 2nd album, released in 1970, and I must say, it is quite good. Musically, this is just a smorgasboard of awesome psychedelic improvisation and the like, with the title track being a lengthy 18 minute improvisation. In fact, a good half of this album is improvisation.

If you enjoyed the Silvester Anfang posted long ago, you should have a small understanding of just what you can expect here, as they were strongly influenced by this.

Recommended to fans of 70s music, psychedelic rock, and Silvester Anfang.


1. Soap Shop Rock/Halluzination Guillotine/Gulp a Sonata/Flesh-Coloured Anti-Aircraft Alarm


2. She Came Through The Chimney

3. Archangels Thunderbird

4. Cerberus

5. The Return Of Ruebezahl

6. Eye-Shaking King

7. Pale Gallery

8. Yeti (Improvisation)

9. Yeti Talks To Yogi (Improvisation)

10. Sandoz In The Rain (Improvisation)

In addition, this also features the Rattlesnakeplumcake / Between the Eyes 7" as the final two tracks.

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  1. the band is great, but i wish they could manage some better vocals