Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Envy - Recitation

Just leaked last night.

Envy - Recitation

This is the new album from Envy, it just leaked last night, and it officially comes out tomorrow, so I figured I'd toss this up here.

For those living under a rock, Envy are probably the most well known of all the Japanese screamo bands, and are most well known for their recent incorporation of post-rock into their song structure. This album continues further with that musical direction.

What more can I say, it's Envy, and it's great. Also, they are currently on tour so look into any upcoming tour dates. For you local folks, they are playing Jerky's on the 29th which I'll be attending.

1. Guidance
2. Last Hours Of Eternity
3. Rain Clouds Running In A Holy Night
4. Pieces Of The Moon I Weaved
5. Light And Solitude
6. Dreams Coming To An End
7. Incomplete
8. Worn Heels And The Hands We Hold
9. A Hint And The Incapacity
10. A Breath Clad In Happiness
11. 0 And 1
12. Your Hand


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