Monday, September 13, 2010

Katharsis - Fourth Reich

Eate his bodie,
Drink his blood,
Embrayse his spirit,
Feaste on his hearte,
Grab deepe the teethe in skinne so thinne,
Tayke his great vvorde, fullfill our sinne!

Katharsis - Fourth Reich

You guys remember Katharsis right? Back when I posted VVorldVVithoutEnd? You do? Great! Cause this is their new album. Or well, newest, since it is from 2009 after all.

Anyway, expect more of the same raw, orthodox German black metal fury you should expect. This album is fantastic, and surprisingly "varied" for being raw. Just listen to the last half of So Nail the Hearts.

Anyway, recommended to black metal fans, and of course anyone who liked the previous album I posted by them. Also for reference, this band is on Norma Evangellium Diaboli. That pretty much means you know it's good.


So Nail The Hearts.

Eucharistick Funereall.


Emeralde Graves.

Sinn Koronation.

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