Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heaven in Her Arms - 幻月 (Paraselene)

The Morbidity of White Pomegranate

Heaven in Her Arms - 幻月 (Paraselene)

Do you like engrish? Do you like Japanese screamo? Then you'll love the newest album by Heaven in Her Arms!

I already made a post on Heaven in Her Arms ohh.... last year, but things have changed up a bit this time. Instead of being pretty much the best band to ever sound like Envy, they have now incorporated a rather heavy sludge influence to their sound, and by heavy, I mean fucking crushing.

When I first heard this I listened to it a grand total of 11 times in 2 days. I don't think I've ever done that... Needless to say, they aren't just Envy worship anymore.


1. 46x 2:19
2. Anamnesis Of Critical 6:26
3. Morbidity Of White Pomegranate 8:01
4. Jade Vine 2:59
5. Echoic Cold Wrist 9:26
6. Halcyon 3:45
7. Butterfly In Right Helicoid 10:26
8. Veritas 11:10

Highly fucking recommended.

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  1. Thanks a lot dude for these Japan bands. Especially Envy blew me away and the others are on the waiting queue!