Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dopamine - Dopamine EP

Fuck yea Neigecore!

Dopamine - Dopamine EP

If any of you are familiar with the The World Comes to an End in the End of a Journey compilation, you'll be familiar with Dopamine. Dopamine's track honestly was the best track on it to boot.

But as mentioned at the start of this post, this is some lovely Neigecore. What is Neigecore? It is the term I use to describe the new influx of bands that sound like well, Neige related projects, such as Alcest, and Amesoeurs, and Lantlos, and Mortifera, etc etc. Dopamine is one such similar sounding band, from a rather unusual location, China.

Musically, this is a fairly short 2 song EP with each track roughly 7 min long. Just some nice sounding post-punk influenced black metal that sounds great, and is easy to get into.


1. Water Edge
2. Fan Night Pt. I

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