Monday, September 6, 2010

Muga Discography

Nothing witty here, I just fucking love this band.

Muga - The Road of Asura (demo)

Muga - Muga

Muga - There is Nothing Eternal Exists

So I lied, it isn't actually their entire discography since I'm not posting comps they were featured on or splits, but it's close enough. Also those are best cover art pics I could find... kind of sad.

Needless to say, I fucking love this band, and most likely, you will too.

Muga is easily one of my favorite bands, and also easily my favorite neocrust band. The s/t features female vocals in addition to the male vocals however she is not present on the demo, or the 2nd album. Apparently she killed herself shortly after the 1st album was released resulting in a rather long 4 year break between albums. Really, really unfortunate in my opinion as I thought she added greatly to the 1st album, and sorely missed her in the 2nd. Nonetheless, this is a fucking amazing band. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone. There's something for everyone.

The Road of Asura


There is Nothing Eternal Exists

Highest recommendation


  1. thanks! japanese take on almost anything rules.

  2. thumbs up for MUGA!! definitely best neocrust out there. love them since i've heard that split with SWARRRM they did in 2007