Monday, March 21, 2011

MAA - Monkey Kingdom

Ballerina Brain System

MAA - Monkey Kingdom

So it's no secret I've been gone for a few months so here is my most current addiction.

Earlier this month I listened to Allkore Riot Kontrol 03 and during DJ Amaya's set I was introduced to the song Beautiful Mistakes by MAA. Long story short, I got a hold of her album and I fucking love it. I've listened to this a shit ton of times. It's catchy, varied and just fucking great.

EDIT: Oh yea, the video for Ballerina Brain System is adorable also.

Give this shit a listen if you like J-pop, electro, or house.

Track List
1. バレリーナ・ブレインシステム
2. Ghost Enemy
3. Tomorrow @ Your Kingdom
4. モンキーボーン・シティ
5. ハングオーバー・ペイバック
6. Beautiful Mistakes
7. バージンキラー・サンタ
8. Demon’s Phone Call

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