Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kukl - The Eye

Did you know Bjork used to be in a goth rock/post-punk band?

Kukl - The Eye

I certainly never did. But now I do, since this is it.

This is Kukl, an old Icelandic goth/post-punk band Bjork used to be in back in the 80s. The album was even released through Crass Records back in 84'. This is a great album that I first listened to last night and it is just great.

Kukl itself is apparently ancient Icelandic for "witch" and Bjork's voice here works well as if a cackling witch or wailing banshee.

Give it a listen, wild stuff.


1 Assassin

2 Anna

3 Open The Window And Let The Spirit Fly Free

4 Moonbath

5 Dismembered

6 Seagull

7 The Spire

8 Handa Tjolla


  1. Glad you're back, pal.

  2. Thanks bro. Gonna try to keep up with 1 new post a day.

  3. What a nice find. Thank you very much for posting it.