Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Juno Reactor - Bible of Dreams

Sorry for the lack of updates, been extremely busy with papers and those come first above all else.

Juno Reactor - Bible of Dreams

This was my first Juno Reactor album and it is absolutely amazing. For those unfamiliar with Juno Reactor, I guarantee you have heard them before. Ever seen the Matrix trilogy? How about the Mortal Kombat movie? You have heard Juno Reactor. Now while this album isn't quite as intense as say Control, Navras or Mona Lisa Overdrive from those films, this is still a great fucking album.

Musically this is more or less goa/psytrance. They are basically the exact same genre. However, unlike the Man With No Name I posted ages ago, this is pretty light in overall sound. There is a lot of world influence here and the songs are very diverse.

Anyway enough praise, if you don't like this album I have nothing to say to you.


Jardin De Cecile

Conga Fury

God Is God


Swamp Thing

Kaguya Hime

Children Of The Night


High Energy Protons (Orion Mix)


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  1. Thank you, whoever you are, for upping this beautiful masterpiece of sounds. I've been searching for this a lot, and am glad to finally find it here! It was my first JR album too, but then separated a bit from Psy, got lost in reggae, jazz and other ambiences, but now i'm trying to recover those classic albums that i listened too in college! Once again THANKS, you've made my day! And i've seen this is not the only one i'll be getting from your blog... Good taste!