Friday, April 1, 2011

Warning - Watching From A Distance

I'm feeling pretty depressed at the moment, and I'm leaving in a bit, so this is a placeholder for tonight. I'll probably post something depressing or something else...

Still depressed, so depressing it is...

Warning - Watching From A Distance

If you are ever depressed, and want sufficient music to suit that feeling, it doesn't get much better than this album. This album is just soul crushing on a deeply emotional level. Crushing doom riffs mixed with cleanly sung vocals full of sadness and longing.

Normally I would say "lyrics don't matter" but Warning is one of those few exceptions. The lyrics being cleanly sung just sting... so much. Especially when in such a fragile state as when you are depressed.

"In the darkness I unravel new truths I have suffered for so long to embrace.
They will change me from here on. But I can't share it with anyone.
I wish you were with me tonight.
When I am not alone, I sever silent moments;
building bridges with meaningless words and only feel the distance further.
Remember being happy in our silence; I wish that you were with me tonight.
I don't need a reason, there's nothing to explain. I can't reproach your leaving to justify my pain.
But can I really understand. I wish you were with me tonight.
I read over all you wrote me. The words mean so much more these days. They echo in my soul.
They sting me like a bug. Can someone feel too much?
I wish you were here with me tonight."


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