Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gridlink - Orphan

Early adopter, evangelist
Did God walk out on you after gifting you cholera?

Gridlink -Orphan

Gridlink's previous album, Amber Gray was a furious 12 minute return to the sound of Discordance Axis. In fact, it is safe to say Gridlink is basically new Discordance Axis. as it is the same vocalist and guitarist.

While Amber Gray had 11 tracks and was 12 minutes long, Orphan has 12 tracks, and is... 12 minutes long. I'm sensing a fantastic pattern here.

Anyway, if you like grind, or if you like Discordance Axis, which there is little reason not to, give this a listen. This is a contender for grind AOTY with the new Wormrot.


1 Dar al-Harb

2 Orphan

3 Deliverables

4 Scopedog

5 Red Eye

6 Cargo 200

7 Thorn Farmer

8 Embers, Blood And Treasure

9 I Accept Your Last Wish

10 Hearts

11 Flatworlder

12 The Last Red Shoulder

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