Friday, August 7, 2009

Lifelover - Pulver

Mitt Öppna Öga

Lifelover - Pulver

Nice cover eh? This is Lifelover, a rather interesting black metal band. What makes them interesting though, is that they have a very... poppy sound to them. By that I mean, this is some really catchy hooky stuff. But it isn't in a bad way. Far from it.. This is just some nice catchy black metal.

Not much more to say, so give it a listen.

1. Nackskott
2. M/S Salmonella
3. Mitt Öppna Öga
4. Kärlek - Becksvart Melankoli
5. Vardagsnytt
6. Avbrott Sex
7. Stockholm
8. Söndag
9. Herrens Hand
10. Medicinmannen
11. Nästa Gryning
12. En Sång Om Dig

Rather annoyingly the album was just a smidgen too big for mediafire, so as usual it is in 2 parts since I hate anything not mediafire, and I know most you do too.


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