Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Urfaust - Der Freiwillige Bettler

New Urfaust

Urfaust - Der Freiwillige Bettler

And much as the case was with Paracletus, my good friend has already upped it before me to his blog, and again, he is a better writer than I, so here is his post.

"The perfect follow-up from Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist and with hints of Einslieder and the split with Joyless, Urfaust delivers after 5 years without releasing a full length. The duo conformed by IX (vocals, guitar) and VRDRBR (drums) proved that they didn't waste their time. Der Freiwillige Bettler (The Voluntary Beggar in german) is an excellent album, which makes me miss a bit of the orchestral sections in Verräterischer..., but it has some of the melodic side of Einslieder which made that EP so worthy of several listens.
Big favorite of the album: Der Mensch, die kleine Narrenwelt.

Download it here: [320]

Buy it directly from Ván Records here."

Fantastic album, well worth a listen if you enjoyed the previous album posted.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sabbat - Black Up Your Soul

Envenom Into the Witch's Hole

Sabbat - Black Up Your Soul

So for those of you not aware, there are two bands named Sabbat. There is the British thrash band which was basically their answer to Slayer who eventually became the folk metal band Skyclad, and then there is the Japanese one...

The Japanese Sabbat is a lovely mix of really everything metal but namely thrash, black and even old school death, and this album is a perfect introduction to the band. Black Up Your Soul is basically a best of compilation and it really does have some of their best tracks, including the godliness that is the track Mion's Hill.

Vocals may seem off putting for some but this is a fantastic band best not ignored.

1.Welcome To Sabbat

2.Black Fire


4.Rage Of Mountains

5.Possessed The Room

6.Darkness And Evil

7.All Over The Desolate Land

8.Satan's Serenade (Quartz cover)

9.Mion's Hill

10.Black Fire


12.Bird Of Ill Omen

13.Danse Du Sabbat

14.Envenom Into The Witch's Hole




Monday, November 22, 2010

Spite Extreme Wing - VLTRA

More fantastic Italian black metal

Spite Extreme Wing - VLTRA

I admittedly just got around to giving this a listen earlier today and I think this will quickly become a fast favorite. Last.fm calls this "melodic black metal" however to me this is not something quite so simple. There is a lot going on here, with a lot of different influences. Seriously, there is a The Misfits and The Beatles cover in here.

Best bet, just give it a listen, you won't regret it.


1 I

2 II


4 IV

5 V

6 VI



9 IX

10 X
"IV" is a cover version of "Devilock" by The Misfits with different lyrics sung by Il Colonnello from Italian band Frangar.
"X" is a cover version of "Helter Skelter" by The Beatles sung by Herr Morbid from Forgotten Tomb.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hateful Abandon - Famine (or Into the Bellies of Worms)

Like Joy Division?
Like black metal?
Ever wanted to hear a blackened Joy Division?

Hateful Abandon - Famine (or Into the Bellies of Worms)

Seriously. This sounds like a blackened Joy Division. One track even has a strong resemblance to the track Shadowplay. Apparently this band used to be just Abandon and supposedly played some pretty normal black metal, and then another guy from pretty much a Von worship band joined and... this is what came out.

I've had this along with the new Thranenkind on repeat really for the past few days and it is just wonderful. Give it a listen.


1 Rats Whisper Murder

2 Diamond Spine

3 Riding The Blade

4 Avalanche

5 Boiling Seas

6 Painters Rope

7 Lungs


Friday, November 12, 2010

Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico - Stelle Senza Luce

More Italian black metal

Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico - Stelle Senza Luce

Google translates their name into "Avant-garde movement Hermetic" so for the sake of proper English, I'm going to say that translates to "The Hermetic Avant-garde Movement". If anyone actually knows what the name translates to, let me know.

Anyway, this is some pretty good black metal. For having Avant-garde in the name though it isn't that... different or avant-garde really. It's some nice easy to listen to atmospheric type stuff for the most part. The cover is actually pretty accurate to the sound as well I would say.

Anyway, give it a listen, it's another example of some lovely Italian black metal.

1.Decade di Isolamento e aristocratico distacco

2.Ritorno alle porte dell'essere

3.Spazi remoti di abissi interiori

4.Falchi d'acciaio oltre la nebbia

5.Quando l'onore sfida l'infamia


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thränenkind - Eine Momentaufnahme

Borderline neigecore from Germany

Thränenkind - Eine Momentaufnahme - Der Rest ist nur Einsamkeit

I first heard this back when it came out, and had meant to post this long ago, but this little demo is fantastic.

This is just the right blend of neigecore and black metal to create some beautiful and memorable music. I really hope these guys do a full length, and soon, cause this is just a fantastic piece of music, and it's only a demo.

1.Der Liebesbrief

2.Im schwarzen Kämmerlein

3.Eine Momentaufnahme

4.Ein Hauch von Zweisamkeit

5.Die Euphorie des Augenblicks


Monday, November 8, 2010

Deathspell Omega - Paracletus

Have You Beheld the Fevers?

Deathspell Omega - Paracletus

A good friend of mine already posted it over on his blog, found here, and he is a far better writer than I, so enjoy.

"The chaotic riffing of Fas, the motif structure of both Kénôse and Chaining the Katechon and the interludes of Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice, that's how the final chapter of the trilogy, Paracletus, sounds like, with an added complexity result of the natural evolution of a band that has remained in almost complete secrecy since their inception. Words alone can't explain how good this album is.

The Holy Ghost, the explicit reference on the album's title, is evoked in the album cover as a deformed black beast with thousand of tentacles and born from the above fire, Deathspell Omega exposes this true nature in a lyrical and musical frenzy, taking aback the listener in this revealing journey through chaos. The summarizing of their enlightning message comes with the final words of this album:

You were seeking strength, justice, splendour! You were seeking love!
Here is the pit, here is your pit! Its name is SILENCE…

Download it here [320]"

1.Epiklesis I01:42
2.Wings of Predation03:43
6.Epiklesis II03:06
8.Have you Beheld the Fevers?02:59
9.Devouring Famine05:09
10.Apokatastasis Pantôn04:01
Total playing time42:34

Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Fog" Double Post 2/2: Mgla - Groza

It's apparently pronounced "Mmgwaah"

Mgla - Groza

Mgla, "fog" in Polish, is certainly one of the best bands out of Poland in recent memory. Musically, kind of an atmospheric take on orthodox black metal, but you can decide yourself.

Great album, great band, give it a listen.







"Fog" Double Post 1/2: Taake - ...Doedskvad

Rock out with your cock out!


Taake - Hordaland Doedskvad

If you didn't get the opening line, there is a very infamous image of Hoest from Taake live, with his penis sticking out of his jeans. Also, this will be a double post of two bands whos names both mean "fog". In case you couldn't figure it out, Taake is Norwegian for "fog".

Musically, somewhat similar to Emperor. Lots of fast little melodic lines ala I Am the Black Wizards type stuff, but really thats where comparisons end I'd say.

Anyway this album is fantastic, and was an old favorite from my high school days. With Nothing but Black Metal November going, I decided I'd revisit this oldie classic of mine, and by golly, it's still fuckin awesome.


Hordalands Doedskvad I

Hordalands Doedskvad II

Hordalands Doedskvad III

Hordalands Doedskvad IV

Hordalands Doedskvad V

Hordalands Doedskvad VI

Hordalands Doedskvad VII


Friday, November 5, 2010

Flagellator - Channeling the Acheron

Black Thrash Attack

Flagellator - Channeling the Acheron

Excuse the small picture.

So yea, fantastic piece of black thrash worthy to all of your collections. Not much else to say, it's good, why else would I post it?


1 To Hell's Servants

2 Nightmare Apocalypse

3 Souls Of The Unclean

Channeling The Acheron

Summoned From The Shadows

Cowering To All Mankind


Go To Hell


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Urfaust - Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist

They are from the Netherlands, not Germany, good guess though.

Urfaust - Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist

Continuing with Nothing but Black Metal November this is Urfaust's second full-length. So what is Urfaust? Good question. Atmospheric black metal, with clean/cleanish vocals and featuring several classical interludes.

The clean vocals actually really work too despite the initial concept may make you scratch your head, hell, you'll still scratch your head when you hear them. The classical/ambient pieces are fantastic as well, quite bombastic.

So give this a listen, no cliches here, fantastic band.


1 Dunkel, Still Von Ewigkeit

2 Ragnarök Mystiker

3 Gespinnst Des Verderbens

4 Trauerhöhle

5 Verflucht Das Blenden Der Erscheinung

6 Der Gottesverächter

7 In Den Weiten Oden Räumen


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fides Inversa - Hanc Aciem Sola Retundit Virtus (The Algolagnia Divine)

Ohh those Italians and their black metal...

Fides Inversa - Hanc Aciem Sola Retundit Virtus (The Algolagnia Divine)

Something about Italy just continues to produce some fantastic black metal, right up there with the French, must be the Pope.

Fides Inversa are a relatively recent Italian black metal band to my knowledge, and this fantastic album is their only release as far as I can tell. Upon first listen I actually didn't care too much for this, probably because I had expected something more like Deathspell Omega, but upon revisiting this, I loved it.

So ya know what, I'm not gonna say what this sounds like, just go for it, it's good.





4.Algolagnia Divine


Monday, November 1, 2010

Nothing but Black Metal November

That's right.

I will be listening to and posting nothing but black metal this November, and I urge you to do the same.