Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sabbat - Black Up Your Soul

Envenom Into the Witch's Hole

Sabbat - Black Up Your Soul

So for those of you not aware, there are two bands named Sabbat. There is the British thrash band which was basically their answer to Slayer who eventually became the folk metal band Skyclad, and then there is the Japanese one...

The Japanese Sabbat is a lovely mix of really everything metal but namely thrash, black and even old school death, and this album is a perfect introduction to the band. Black Up Your Soul is basically a best of compilation and it really does have some of their best tracks, including the godliness that is the track Mion's Hill.

Vocals may seem off putting for some but this is a fantastic band best not ignored.

1.Welcome To Sabbat

2.Black Fire


4.Rage Of Mountains

5.Possessed The Room

6.Darkness And Evil

7.All Over The Desolate Land

8.Satan's Serenade (Quartz cover)

9.Mion's Hill

10.Black Fire


12.Bird Of Ill Omen

13.Danse Du Sabbat

14.Envenom Into The Witch's Hole



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